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  • This is an awesome little beer and wine store. I have never met anyone as helpful and friendly as Chuck in a beer store. He is quick to come up and introduce himself and tell you anything you want to know. At first it is a confusing store because the beer is kept in the corners of the store but the selection is great. Chuck lets you pull singles from anywhere too. He has two taps for growlers and if you want he has a license so you can drink draft or bottle right there. He definitely knows his stuff. If you are in the Greenville or Kinston area and love beer this place is a must.
  • Thanks to cvstrickland-Chuck for telling me about this little gem. I found the place amongst the major construction in downtown Ayden. A almost perfect place to buy well crafted brew. The owner Chuck is super nice and talked to me and my girlfriend for close to an hour. He helped with my selections and educated me on the basics. He also informed me on when he would be getting some other things in such as Green Flash. Apparently every Friday night they have a party with food and beer which he immediately told us we should show up. He has a great selection and will order in anything he can get his hands on. If you live around or near Ayden you should definitely stop in. heck you can even drink a beer right on the spot.
  • 9 miles from Greenville NC, the "big city" in the area, Cindirene's is located on 3rd Street in downtown Ayden. Chuck, the proprietor, is quite willing to order anything you want if he can get it in NC. Good selection of imports and American craft brews, probably the best one east of Raleigh. What's cool about this place is that he also has a bar license and you can sample beers before deciding to invest in a six pack. He will also let you put mix packs together as well. Friday nights are a real treat, locals come in and bring food so you can socialize, drink new beers, and have a good time. If you are in the area, it's worth stopping in.
  • Cindirene's is a breeze to find in downtown Ayden. It is on third street which is the main drag through town and is situated beside the Police Station. Be sure to look in every nook and cranny in the place since they have over 230 bottles. The beer resides in each room and behind the bar. Cindirene's has a license for on-premise, so you can belly up to the bar and currently enjoy a bottled beer. The owner said that he is looking to install some taps and to run sixtels, especially Foothills beers. The beer is well cared for and according to the owner turns over very rapidly. He has to drive to Raleigh to secure many of the beers on the shelves but is looking to expand even further. No BMC in site and all the beer is either imports or craft. NC breweries did not seem to be especially well represented, but they may have been residing in a corner somewhere. This is the only game in the Greenville area so be sure to stop in. It's not worth the drive from the Triangle, but if you are in the area, there is no better place for miles around. Good folks with good beer.
  • What an interesting place! The tiny town of Ayden hosts a beer store/pseudo bar in Cindirene's. I HIGHLY recommend the stop if you are anywhere near this place. It truly is the kind of store you wish you had in walking distance of your domicile. I have been in here twice now, as I have friends in the Greenville, NC area, but live in the DC area. The only reason why I went in the first place was after talking with people that worked at Duck-Rabbit Brewery, as they recommended Cindirene's as a local place to try their brews. Well, it didn't disappoint. I stopped in, in mid January and Chuck had Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter (my personal favorite of the brewery) on tap. More recently I was there during the Ayden Collared Greens Festival (quite an experience!) this past weekend. As usual, Chuck had some great beers in the fridge, but had only one beer on tap as the night before had been busy and cleaned out his kegs. Anyway, I digress. The details: Situated in downtown Ayden, Cindirene's is an unassuming storefront with a decent selection of great beers, wines, sauces, and other trinkets. The beer selection varies widely with what Chuck can get distributed to this tiny town. On occasion, Chuck has been known to act as his own distributor driving to the Triangle area and picking up beer to sell in his store. For instance, Founders KBS, probably wasn't going to get distributed to his small store, but he ended up with a few four packs, and held one for me. Domestically, he generally carries Stone, Duck-Rabbit, Dogfish Head, and Terrapin amongst others. He also carries a good selection of English imports and a few Belgians and Germans. Two taps grace the place and they can carry things as sought after as Foothills Sexual Chocolate to Duck Rabbit Seasonals. It just depends on what Chuck can get. Because of the taps, Cindirene's offers the underrated experience of shopping for beer while DRINKING a fine beer. I wish I could do this more often. Prices are reasonable considering what Chuck has to go through to get some of the beers to Ayden. Chuck is a super nice guy who has an extensive knowledge of beer and will chat about it willingly with anybody who walks in the door. I highly recommend making a stop if in the area.

559 3rd Street

Ayden, NC 28513

(252) 531-4960

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